Excellence in Pharma­ceutical Medicine


Lycalis offers services in strategic consulting, interim management, teaching, publishing, and coaching for the health care industry. Its core competency is strategic clinical drug development, in particular in disease areas of the central nervous system, e.g., multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, or stroke.


The name »Lycalis« is a kunstwort borrowing its first part from the Greek translation of the name of one of the company's founders (wolf = λυκος, lykos) and supplementing it with lis as an acronym for life science. Zoology knows »lycalis« also as the specific name of a rare Madagascan butterfly first described by the French entomologist Pierre Viette in 1989.


Lycalis sprl has been founded by Dr Christian Wolf and Jens Hinsching in 2009. It is incorporated as a »société privée à responsabilité limitée« or »besloten vennoot- schap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid« (limited liability company under Belgian law) and registered under number 0819.911.306.