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Lycalis adds a different flavour ...

Lycalis' consultants offer a unique skill set for clients in the global pharmaceutical industry having worked for innovative biopharmaceutical companies with global reach and for the generics industry, both in line management roles and project management functions.

Their leadership of development and medical affairs projects from research-to-development transition to life-cycle management of blockbuster drugs results in a deep understanding for interfaces within the corporation and with external stakeholders.

Their focus on CNS indications gives them access to a strong network in academia and industry, in particular in neurological indications like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or ischemic stroke.

Lycalis' consultants add a distinctive perspective to development projects. licensing opportunities, due diligences or interim management having:

  1. Aufzählungszeichenled R2D transisition and mature life-cycle projects

  2. Aufzählungszeichenmanaged line and project

  3. Aufzählungszeichenworked across technological platforms like biologics and small molecules

  4. Aufzählungszeichenled collaborative projects across geographies like Japan, US, and Europe

  5. Aufzählungszeichenmanaged reports in both, the US and Europe

  6. Aufzählungszeichendeveloped first-in-class compounds and generics

  7. Aufzählungszeichenfaced and solved challenges due to tight budgets, multiple safety issues, and diversity