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Lycalis can help building bridges ...

  1. Aufzählungszeichenfor Clinical development

  2. Aufzählungszeichenstrategy & execution, e.g., development plans, endpoint selection, study protocols

  3. Pucetrouble-shooting, e.g., expectation and interface management, vendor alignment

  4. Pucecoaching & training, e.g., for junior and mid-career clinical research professionals

  5. Pucefor Life-cycle management

  6. Pucestrategy & execution, e.g., Phase IIIb/IV strategy and planning, line-extension strategy

  7. Pucepublication planning, e.g., identification of opportunities

  8. Pucefor Interim management

  9. Pucetemporary help in dynamic periods of transition, challenge or change within an organisation

  10. Pucehelp for function-building in expanding organisations

  11. Pucefor Business development

  12. Pucein-licensing, e.g., primary clinical evaluation or second opinion for in-licensing opportunities

  13. Pucedue diligence, e.g., during in- and out-licensing, mock due diligence